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Examples of Work

Below you will find a few examples of various technologies, curricula developed, and graphics designed expressing my research interests throughout my time as a student, now candidate.

The screenshot to the left was taken from the Wiki that was developed as curriculum for intergenerational learning. This Wiki focused on high schoolers learning more about older adults and scaffolding skills for teaching social media. From there, the high schools work with older adults to teach social media and technologies. The Wiki focused on the top social media for older adults at the time of development (Fall 2019): Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. There is a course FlipGrid developed (password protected), along with a Facebook group for interactions as the learners work through this open educational resource. The course is currently being implemented in Eastern Iowa and was prototyped in Eastern and Central Iowa.

This slideshow with comments was developed using images of my family, using the platform VoiceThread. It was developed as a basic tutorial to show the pros of using VoiceThread as a platform for virtual storytelling and interaction while being an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. 


This document contains redesigned course content to teach an undergraduate course with preservice teachers about differently abled persons. While this was a group project, I was the team lead for this project, managing meetings, the timeline, project outlines, and also contributing to the overall project. 


This is a graphic to represent where some gaps in data privacy may live. It was built in order to be a visual representation of how we can improve aspects of data privacy and why it is a potential problem.


This is a brief presentation where a new model integrating motivation and technology adoption was proposed before a class focused on gerontology theories. 

This document contains course content that teaches Microsoft Office skills (with the potential to expand outside of MS Office) to older adults to aid in job relevance. This curriculum was tested and there are illustrations depicting the trainings, as well. 

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