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About Me


Welcome! Thank you for checking out my website. I hope you've taken a look around, reviewed some of the research and work that I completed for my preliminary exams, and projects that I created as a student at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. As of 2022, I am a doctoral candidate in Gerontology who is in the final stages of degree completion. My research has been completed and I am writing the final chapters of my dissertation. I have completed my coursework for my Educational Technology minor and Instructional Design certificate. I hold a master's degree in journalism and mass communication, also from Iowa State University. My bachelor's degree is from Simpson College, in multimedia journalism with a minor in English. 

The shift from journalism to gerontology came after losing my grandma to Alzheimer's disease (seen to the left) and witnessing firsthand how much the field needs more dedicated scholars to fight with and for the aging adult demographic.

Since beginning this journey, I also lost my grandpa to advanced dementia and, though years passed between losing them, the need for gerontologists has grown. My research focuses on understanding how and why older adults use technology and using that knowledge to then develop curricula to teach technology in a way that's beneficial to them and has a positive impact on levels of loneliness. Ultimately, my research and end goal is for older adults to use technology in a way that is beneficial and healthy to fill any gaps (such as limited mobility, distance, etc) in their lives and lower levels of loneliness. 

All adults, all persons, are capable of learning how to use technology in a safe, beneficial way. This is a demographic and a topic that I'm passionate about and if you are too or want to collaborate or chat more, I invite you to contact me below. Hope to hear from you soon! 

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